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Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) Test

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is an obsessive preoccupation with a real or imagined defect in one’s physical appearance.

The OCD Center of Los Angeles offers this free and confidential online BDD test to help you get a better idea of whether or not you are exhibiting signs of BDD. Simply check those items that apply to you, and email the test to us using the simple form below. While this questionnaire is not meant to replace a thorough evaluation, it may help in identifying traits of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

1. I excessively worry about my physical appearance.

2.  I often check my appearance in mirrors or other reflecting objects (i.e., windows, car bumpers, spoons, etc).

3.   I frequently avoid mirrors and other reflecting objects.

4.  I excessively perform basic grooming activities (i.e., washing skin, combing hair, brushing teeth) related to my perceived flaw.

5.  I often use make-up or clothing (i.e., hats, scarves, long sleeve shirts, long pants, etc.) to camouflage my perceived flaw.

6.  I frequently attempt to hide my perceived flaw by using my hands, by sitting in certain positions, or by staying in places where I believe the flaw will be less noticeable by others (i.e., a dark corner in a theatre or restaurant).

7.  I regularly scrutinize others’ appearance for comparison.

8.  I sometimes discuss my perceived flaw with others, or ask others to verify my perceived flaw

9.  I often seek reassurance from others about the appearance of my perceived flaw.

10.  I often touch, pick, and/or measure my perceived flaw.

11.  I diet and/or eat only specific foods related to my perceived flaw.

12.  I excessively exercise and/or lift weights in an effort to alter my perceived flaw.

13.  I avoid certain places and/or activities (i.e., parties, dating, swimming, restaurants, theatres, etc.) because I don’t want others to see my perceived flaw.

14.  I generally avoid having my picture taken.

15.  I have undergone cosmetic procedures to correct my perceived flaw (i.e., plastic surgery, hair replacement, skin bleaching, etc.).

16.  I am dissatisfied with the outcome of these cosmetic procedures.

17.  I am planning or hoping to have cosmetic procedures to alter my perceived flaw in the future.

18.  I am often anxious or depressed thinking about my perceived flaw.

19.  I am often late for activities due to performing behaviors related to my perceived flaw.

20.  I often believe others notice my perceived flaw and/or are thinking negative thoughts about my perceived flaw.

21.  I am significantly distressed about my perceived flaw.

22.  I often believe others are discussing or commenting on my perceived flaw.

23.  My concerns about my perceived flaw are interfering with my relationships and/or with my academic or professional functioning.

24.  I spend  hours per day doing behaviors specifically related to my perceived flaw.

25.  I worry most about the following parts of my body: 


Please note: By sending this email, you are agreeing to be contacted by the OCD Center of Los Angeles. We respect your privacy and confidentiality and we will never share, sell, rent, loan, or give away your name, email address, or any other personal information to anyone.

If you would like more information about Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), or would like to discuss individual therapy, group therapy, online therapy, or intensive treatment at the OCD Center of Los Angeles, you can call us at (310) 824-5200, or click here to email us.


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