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Social Anxiety / Social Phobia Test

Social Anxiety / Social Phobia is an intense, recurrent, obsessive preoccupation with the possibility of being negatively evaluated in social situations. Individuals with Social Anxiety / Social Phobia frequently obsess about being viewed as awkward, incompetent, inadequate, or socially inept. As a result, those with Social Anxiety / Social Phobia often avoid social situations in which they anticipate the possibility of being negatively evaluated.

The OCD Center of Los Angeles offers this free and confidential test to help you get a better idea of whether or not you are exhibiting signs of Social Anxiety / Social Phobia. Simply check those items that apply to you, and email the test to us using the simple form below. While this Social Anxiety test is not meant to replace a thorough evaluation, it may help in identifying traits of Social Anxiety / Social Phobia.

1.  I often feel very insecure, anxious, or uncomfortable in social situations.

2.  I am often afraid I will appear foolish, stupid, or socially inept.

3.   I often worry that I will say or do something wrong or inappropriate, or that I will commit some sort of social error.

4.  I am often afraid others will notice my shortcomings, or find fault with me, or form an unfavorable opinion of me.

5.  I become upset, anxious, and/or depressed when I think someone disapproves of me.

6.  It is very difficult for me to initiate a conversation or approach others having a conversation.

7.  I become anxious when others ask me personal questions or if I am the center of attention.

8.  When I am talking to someone, I am often distracted by wondering what they are thinking of me.

9.  I often believe others are thinking negative thoughts about me in social situations.

10.  I often believe others are discussing me or commenting on me in social situations.

11.  I worry excessively about my physical appearance in social situations.

12.  I sometimes don’t go to work or school because I am too socially uncomfortable.

13.  I chose my job partly because it would require minimal social interaction.

14.  I avoid looking for new work for fear of being negatively evaluated.

15.  I avoid speaking to co-workers or superiors for fear of being negatively evaluated.

16.  I avoid speaking to “important people” or people with strong personalities for fear of being negatively evaluated.

17.  I avoid speaking in class, at work meetings, or in group discussions for fear of being negatively evaluated.

18.  I avoid speaking to strangers, store clerks, waiters, etc. for fear of being negatively evaluated.

19.  I avoid public speaking for fear of being negatively evaluated.

20.  I avoid dating due to my fear of being negatively evaluated.

21.  I often avoid social engagements, parties, weddings, conferences, etc., and/or leave these events early due to my social discomfort.

22.  I avoid eating, drinking, reading, or using a telephone in public, or using public restrooms.

23.  I am often afraid that people will notice that I am blushing, sweating, trembling, or showing other signs of anxiety.

24.  My concerns about social evaluation are interfering with my relationships and/or with my academic or professional functioning.

25. I am most uncomfortable in the following social situations: 



Please note: By sending this email, you are agreeing to be contacted by the OCD Center of Los Angeles. We respect your privacy and confidentiality and we will never share, sell, rent, loan, or give away your name, email address, or any other personal information to anyone.

If you would like more information about Social Anxiety / Social Phobia, or would like to discuss individual therapy, group therapy, online therapy, or intensive treatment at the OCD Center of Los Angeles, you can call us at (310) 824-5200, or click here to email us.


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