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OCD Center of Los Angeles Reviews and Testimonials

The OCD Center of Los Angeles has been providing specialized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to clients since 1999. During that time, we have treated thousands of people struggling with OCD and related anxiety-based conditions. We are grateful for our ongoing opportunity to help so many people, and proud of all of our clients who have faced their struggles head-on through therapy with us. Below are some reviews and testimonials from clients to whom we have been of service over the years.

“Thank you Tom for having dedicated your life’s work to improving the lives of others. Before therapy with you, I felt hopeless and lost. I can still remember sitting in your office completely wracked by anxiety and listening to you very calmly and patiently explain to me what I needed to do. As I followed your guidance, I came to realize the miraculous benefit of your program. You are a wonderful therapist, and have helped me improve the quality of my life enormously.”

~ David C.

“I will forever be grateful to the OCD Center for transforming my life. My therapist has a true gift of teaching others, especially those suffering with OCD and anxiety. Her compassionate and authentic approach immediately put me at ease, and she taught me a myriad of tools that I use everyday. Thanks to the OCD Center, I have found peace in the storm.”

~ Sara P.

“I’ve been through countless therapists, psychiatrists – you name it – and none of them seemed to work for me throughout this 6 year “battle of the mind”. OCDLA was my “last resort”. I was a total skeptic when my family had me fly down here and try this place, and I’m so incredibly happy that I did. I’ve learned more about myself and my disorder here than I’ve learned in the past 6 years of my life. My eyes have been opened. Thank you so much OCDLA (and Laura!) ”

~ Dillon E.

“I love that this kind of help exists. For so long this disorder was in the dark and everybody was doomed to struggle with it themselves. My group therapist really understood what we are going thru, and was always able to answer questions from all angles in a non-shaming way. Thank you!!”

~ Corrine G.

“I just wanted to tell you what a positive difference OCD group therapy has made in my life. It’s the first time in my life that I could be open about all of me and not afraid of what people would think. Our therapist led the group with sympathy, insight and humor, and gave exposure assignments that got to the heart of the matter. I thank you with all of my heart.”

~ Rebecca A.

“Tom Corboy fundamentally changed my life. When I was 18, I began experiencing severe anxiety & panic attacks. Four years later, no medication or therapy seemed to be working at all… until I met Tom. With Tom’s guidance, I was able to challenge deeply held beliefs, and realize that no matter what I was thinking or feeling, I could always persevere. In the culmination of my CBT training, Tom took me out in his own car to prove that I could break my fear of driving. More than a decade later, the successes I experienced with Tom continue to create positive momentum in my life. I’m beyond grateful to Tom and everyone at the OCD Center of Los Angeles!!!”

~ Stephan J.

“The OCD Center of Los Angeles saved my life!”

~ Melissa L.

“After 18 years of struggling with OCD and 11 years of trudging through traditional therapy that didn’t work, I finally found the right treatment at the OCD Center of Los Angeles. The treatment was concrete, realistic and tailored to my needs and goals. Tom brilliantly guided me through their program with the perfect mix of empathy and firmness. He was a straight-talker who sensitively challenged and encouraged me every step of the way. I know there will always be moments or days that are “less than ideal” but now when my OCD tries to come along for the ride, I don’t let it drive anymore. OCDLA gave me lifelong tools to manage my OCD and as a result I am enjoying a very much improved life. I will always be eternally grateful. Thank you Tom… you really are the best!”

~ Heidi D.

“I’m forever grateful to you and your program. CBT at the OCD Center of Los Angeles is the reason I am now able to live my life like it should be lived. Your program gave me my life back. I have already recommended the OCD Center to a few others.”

~ Harry C.

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me Tom. I truly feel blessed to have received treatment from you. It changed my life. :)”

~ Roberta L.

“I never thought I’d be normal again and now it’s like nothing ever happened. I know that in the future I have someone to reach out to for help in case my OCD creeps back into my life. I’m sure your job is thankless at times, so I feel it’s important to let you know how much you’ve helped. Thanks again for all that you do.”

~ Richard E.

“My therapist was the best I could have ever hoped to have. She was compassionate and understanding, but also pushed me to take full advantage of therapy and find the strength in myself to combat OCD. She was super knowledgable and helpful in addressing all my questions and gave a lot of encouragement throughout our time together. This treatment was one of the best things that has happened to me!

~ Selena N.

“I literally suffered in silence for 20 years until I found Tom at OCDLA. Tom’s expertise and passion for helping others is second to none, and today, because of the path he guided me on, my mind is calm and focused. Thanks Tom, you provided the light that helped me through my darkest time.”

~ Anthony M.

“I feel so lucky to have found the centre. My therapist Elizabeth was consistent, nonjudgemental, and practical. Equally compassionate and matter of fact at the right times. I’m still doing really well and consider myself lucky to have been able to get such excellent help.”

~ Gloria V.

“Tom, you and your team, literally, gave me the tools to save my mind. I was trapped, circling a drain of never-ending compulsions and I felt my sanity slipping away, all the while being an observer to it with no ability to stop it. Before I found OCDLA, I had no idea what OCD was, or that I had this condition. I suffered for 15+ years before finding your team. After just a few sessions, I was already feeling better and now 6 months after finishing formal treatment, all of my symptoms are under control and I’ve found my life again. OCD is a lifelong condition as I know now, but I am no longer afraid, and have the strength and courage to face it every day and not let it ever take over again. Thank you Tom for everything!”

~Dick B.

“Thank you for all you have done to help me. Your help and guidance has continued to help me grow and survive successfully with my OCD. Most important, it has allowed me to be a good mother. All continues to go well, and I have grown stronger and braver than I ever thought possible. Thank you for the knowledge and support that made this possible.”

~ Kara S.

“I had received treatment previously for my anxiety and never saw any improvement, but the treatment I received at the OCD Center was effective. I am very grateful for your center and for Elizabeth Bartholomew, who was an unbelievable therapist. Elizabeth was knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. She not only provided me with the tools I need to deal with my anxiety, but she was encouraging, which I believe allowed me to progress more quickly.”

~ Regina C.

“I can’t even tell you how helpful Elena was to me — I feel more in control of my Dermatillomania than I ever have before thanks to her. So glad the OCD Center exists!”

~ Frances A.

“Thank you! I very rarely have distressing thoughts any more, and if I do, I am able to dismiss them as thoughts. I am also able to get through many situations and performances without worrying about where the nearest bathroom is, which as you can imagine has made life a lot easier! In short, therapy has been life-changing and has given me so much more headspace to focus on life in general rather than what’s going on in my mind. So, thank you again for all the work you did with me, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done – and my husband wants to say thanks as well – I’m guessing I’m a lot easier to live with!”

~ Stephanie C.

“I can’t say enough positive comments about my therapist. I was very reluctant to join a group. I tend to be very private and I felt that I could deal with my OCD issues on my own. I’m glad that I changed my mind. You always seemed to know when to push us beyond our comfort zone and when to back off because what you were asking us to do was too much at that moment in time. All I can offer you is my thanks, which seems so very inadequate in comparison to all that you’ve done for me and for the others in the group.”

~Hal C.

“Debra is honestly one of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever met and worked with. She was very informative and always encouraging and willing to help me in the right direction. She also made it a point to let me know that I can always contact her even after my therapy is over. I’ve now changed my major to psychology, and I’m looking forward to helping people and changing lives. Thank you so much!!”

~ Carly A.

“Elizabeth was very understanding and very encouraging. She also gave me a lot of hope to get better. The knowledge and the experience Elizabeth has in the subject helped me understand my illness and it gave me a lot of strength and power to deal with it. I am so very grateful to the center and to Elizabeth for helping me get over my symptoms and be able to get my life back. Thank you.”

~ Caroline M.

“When I first came to see Tom Corboy at the OCD Center of Los Angeles, several years of traditional talk therapy had done little to help with my growing anxiety, and the laundry list of obsessive thoughts and compulsions I was using to try to manage it all. My entire life was essentially on hold, and it didn’t seem like anything could ever, or would ever, change. But after only a few sessions with Tom, I realized that for the first time, things could get better. I can say without a doubt that my treatment at OCDLA gave me my life back, as well as the tools to help manage my OCD going forward.”

~ Gina S.

“I am greatly indebted to the center for the invaluable treatment that I received in helping me to cope with and recuperate from OCD. I have remained mindful of the strategies that were taught to me during my time at the center, and I use them on a daily basis. I thank the center and I thank you for treating me during a very dark and frightening period of my life.”

~ Alberto G.

“The structured nature of the treatment was extremely helpful. I appreciated having clear goals and a treatment plan that specifically addressed those goals, and being able to see how I was progressing. I wish I could continue, but I am moving across the country.”

~ Veronica L.

“I just wanted to check in and let you know I’m as happy as ever thanks to you. I got my life back! I was just thinking about it during class and wanted to tell you once again how grateful I am for all you did. I didn’t see a way out, but those feelings are gone and I’m loving life.”

~ Wanda B.

“My therapist was easy to talk to and made therapy seem “normal”. I really felt like she never judged me and was always on my side.”

~ Caren K.

“Elizabeth was absolutely fantastic. She was understanding, informative, clear and knowledgeable. The CBT regimen she prescribed worked incredibly well. I was very skeptical that this treatment would work, but with Elizabeth’s therapy, I am astronomically better! I couldn’t recommend her any higher! So blessed to have gotten the chance to learn and get treated by her!”

~ Mike K.

“My therapist was very professional, personal, and easy to contact (I live out-of-state). She gave me good ideas for dealing with my impulses and provided helpful feedback when needed. Totally worth the 1500 mile trip! Thank you!”

~ Heather E.

“My therapist was really fantastic. She was deeply and genuinely understanding, but also professional and accessible and helped me open up (which is hard to do). She was particularly adaptable and accommodating in her approach with me, and and our time together during my stay in LA was sincerely effective.”

~ Barry M.

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The OCD Center of Los Angeles is a private outpatient treatment center specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for the treatment of OCD and related conditions. We have 13 therapists on staff, all of whom are either licensed or registered, and all of whom specialize in CBT.  We treat adults, adolescents, and children, and offer services six days a week, including evenings and Saturdays.

If you would like to discuss individual therapy, group therapy, online therapy, or intensive outpatient treatment at the OCD Center of Los Angeles, please call our client coordinator at (310) 824-5200 (ext. 4), or click here to email us.


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