The OCD Center of Los Angeles discusses common challenges seen in the treatment of HOCD, also known as Gay OCD or Sexual Orientation OCD.  Part four of a four-part series.

Gay OCD / HOCD / Sexual Orientation OCD and CBT

HOCD, also known as Gay OCD or Sexual Orientation OCD,
is best treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

In our previous article on HOCD, we looked at some of the potential sub-types that appear in this condition.  While they are all treated with various Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies, crippling fear can lead people toward beliefs that impede therapy.  Here are some thoughts about treatment issues we commonly hear from HOCD clients.

My Big Gay Secret Self

Many HOCD sufferers, regardless of sub-type, become preoccupied with the idea that other people might think that they somehow “appear” gay.  As a result, some men with HOCD may over-attend to the way they dress, opting for baggy, neutral choices rather than fitting, stylish choices that they might associate with homosexuality.  They may pay special attention to the way they speak or even the way they hold a drink, trying to eradicate any possibility that a person may mistake them for being gay.  Women with HOCD may over-attend to the length of their hair, or whether their clothes are “feminine” enough.  Both men and women with HOCD are likely to obsess about their body type and whether there is something inherently “gay” about it. Read More »